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…we have created a solid benchmark for Best Practices in the Hemp industry. We will help walk you through any and all aspects of starting your Hemp venture. We have proven methods that will allow your business to become successful right from the start.

Our “Best in Market” consulting program:

  • Farming
  • Supply and Demand
  • Product Development
  • Investing Technology
  • Market Place Comparatives

Sytau LLC offers medical cannabis consulting services in California.

We specialize in large scale food grade and pharmaceutical grade extraction and manufacturing facilities, including due diligence and feasibility studies undertaken prior to initiating major medical cannabis projects.

Medical Hemp and CBD Consulting Services

Sytau LLC team includes deep expertise in the high CBD cannabis, medical hemp and industrial hemp cultivation and processing.

Helping Businesses in Earning Maximum Profit with Faster Growth

You are reached your destination if you are willing to hire the best cannabis consultant in CA. We have served many business organizations in cannabis industry in making beneficial investments. Our support can be beneficial for your business in many ways. Whether your goal is to grow your business faster or avoid costly mistakes, we can help you.

Working as the leading organic hemp consultants in CA, Syatu has established new standards to follow in the industry. We will be with you if you are willing to initiate a new hemp venture. Our consulting solutions will help you making profit right since the beginning. That’s why you should hire our services.

How we can help you?

Our consulting services can be beneficial for you in many ways. You will never make those costly mistakes, which sometimes cause businesses a huge loss. This industry is not so unforgiving and one mistake can destroy all your dreams of making profit.

Suppose you set up a cannabis business and do not know the local laws, it can be a very costly mistake. It may result in the loss of thousands of dollars as fines and you may need to shut down your business. There is no need to take such risks because we are here to prevent you from making such big mistakes.

Your business will grow much faster:

Our team includes some of the highly experienced consultants. They are our trusted advisors, cannabis specialists and also reliable business coaches. Whatever challenge you are facing nowadays, our experts can offer you effective ways to overcome them.

We know you want to grow your business on your terms, but the market does not comply with your rules. You need to have exceptional business strategies if you want to grow faster. That’s where our Recreational Cannabis Consulting Services can be beneficial for your business.

Get the licensed faster:

The licensing process in different states and countries is different. You need to follow that process in order to get licensed quickly. It may take some time in learning how to apply for the license and here we can help you in saving vital time.

Every market is different. It does not guarantee that your success in a market will assure better success in a different region. Therefore, you must have the support of reliable consultants who can help you in getting licensed quickly. We have helped many businesses in getting licensed in the targeted region and therefore, our support can beneficial for your business.

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